In Cambodia, it is easy to find mothers begging on the street with their kids. They usually have no place to live and most of them just sleep on the streets. The children cannot go to school because they have to beg for money. These families live in poverty for generations without any hope for life. Metta aims at training these poor women so that they can earn their living with handicrafts and no longer to beg on the street. Also, their kids can go to school to study and learn, in order to get out of poverty in a long run.

Social Empowerment Concept

Cambodian Stories

“In the past, I had to take care of three children, it was difficult to find a job and I had no choice. Now, is the happiest time of my life. I can work in Metta centre. My children not only live in the centre, they can also go to school,” Houch shared happily.

About Metta

Metta Mission & Community Ministry is a Christian social service and mission organization. We provide a range of services for out-of-school children and adolescents; medical services to villagers, employment opportunities to unemployed women, and actively promote community development in Cambodian villages; we transform lives with the love of Jesus.

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